I received a question, a request for some clarification about the powerful concept of  ‘aloneness’ and how it relates to loneliness.      Although the word aloneness does sound like loneliness, it is actually the opposite; it is the ultimate antidote for the loneliness felt by the ego.   Loneliness is something human beings  suffer from, quite often.   We are built to instinctively attract painful experiences and to recreate them again and again until we learn to give them up and progress beyond them.   We are built to see ourselves as individuals  who need the other to complete us and bring us happiness.    Loneliness  is a confused and dramatic state of mind that comes about due to the judgments we make about our self and others, whereas aloneness is the simple state of being content, where all judgment has disappeared.   Loneliness is a hindrance, which blocks or negates the goal of aloneness.  The siddhas would say loneliness is an affliction.  They would say it is suffered to instruct us and  to speed up and exhaust the affliction and the karmas attached to it that keep us from attaining the truth of ourselves.

In yogic parlance, ‘aloneness’ is often used in place of the word ‘freedom.’   According to Sage Patanjali, ‘aloneness’ could be defined as the ultimate freedom;  it is Unity, and detachment from all connections or relationships.    The attainment of a yogic Aloneness is the blessing of Unity with the One, without a second — a state of ‘All-ness.’

Aloneness is stillness, silence, peace, an immobility secured and founded in faith in the Allness of the One.   Aloneness gives the greatest capacity to expand and encompass, to be loving and compassionate.   The state  does not not seek to limit itself to a particular person or thing.     It is not unlike oil gushing into the Gulf embracing everything as it spreads.     And like the oil spill, the power at the origin is the key to how much it will expand.    In the state of aloneness, it is the  power available at the core of  your being that determines just how much your consciousness and vision will expand.

Aloneness arises when we let go of the limits imposed on us by what we see, touch, taste, feel….    It does not arrive out of despair of loneliness.    It arrives out of the deepest contentment in being alone with ourself.     It arrives when we allow ourself to vibrate and expand and radiate outward widely without fear or thought  of losing ourself or anything else.     When we no longer,  ‘will’ our individual consciousness, or fix our concentration tightly on ourself as  this specific independent reality… Aloneness will allow us to be what we truly are.

If  you are willing,  open the door and  see what happens.

Sometimes what happens is that you experience the vibration of others, there may be thought forms and emotions and maybe these aren’t so pleasant, but, aloneness allows you to witness them without taking them on as your own.     Although Aloneness  is the perfected state to which a yogi  aspires –  the perfected union with the Supreme Vibration, Supreme Love, which automatically places everything  under Its’ influence,  it  is also  a technique to  be practiced regularly.     Becoming still, immobile… reaching that still state through the  means of  asana, pranayama, meditation, mantra, devotion… and remaining in it  – open to it, as a cosy peace of great ease,  for some time.     Each day, be willing to stop your doing,  and step back,  go inward.    Gather your thoughts.    Go beyond thoughts and be with yourself, separate from your present condition.     Experience what that is for you and reach that place every day.   Where you  find a state of immobility— that which would move you to act is not present —  a place where  you go and experience something changing within your consciousness.    You arrive to find youself, richly awake, yet there is no object there.      It is small and simple, but like the smile that arrives on your heart for no explanable reason, it engulfs your very being  in light.

    • Johanne
    • June 18th, 2010

    Bonjour Durga,

    Om Kriya Babaji Nama Aum.

    I now know the word for what I am seeking : Aloneness. From this simple place in my heart, I feel much love and compassion. You have given me much to meditate. Thank you so very much!

    My deepest blessings to you, Durga.


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