Hints, Signs and Clues

We just returned from Maine and New Brunswick, Canada.  Having experiencing their amazingly raw and bold coast lines, I want to encourage others to travel there.     One can see for oneself  the vast Force that water has master over.   Quiet and calm, rapid and rhythmic, or churning and violent, water has mesmerizing power.   I have always lived near large bodies of water, the Gulf, the Atlantic Ocean, or near large rivers and lakes.    I have been in several hurricanes, cyclones and tornados and was once caught off-guard in a rowboat for the better part of a day, in a violent storm on the windward side of an island in Greece.   I have always had great respect for nature.

This was my first trip to the northeastern coast of Maine/Canada.  It was awe-inspiring and deeply rewarding for me.   It was magnificent and  exhilarating, standing wet from a gentle, but steady rain on a craggy shore atop boulders on which huge waves were crashing, spraying me from below and strangely quieting to be aboard a windjammer, when there is no wind, as it moved slowly and quietly through the deepest layers of fog and drizzling rain.  I felt privy to some mysterious secret of evolution walking along a vast area of ocean floor dotted with fossils and huge sculptured rock and sandstone formations,  knowing that in a few hours, the tide would refill the same with a 50 foot wall of seawater.   Tidal waves, whirlpools and the white rapids of a reversing falls all within a few hours.

In the waters, just off the coast, at a point between Maine and New Brunswick Canada, one can see  tidal waves, whirlpools, and experience the white rapids of reversing falls, take a boat around Grand Manan Island to witness the play of humpback and right whales, dolphins and porpoises and visit an island kept as the sole property of puffins, terns and eagles.   The coast is rich with all manner of sea creatures, and flora and fauna.  The smooth stones, many shaped like shivalingas, sparkle on the beaches in all shades of red, pink, grey, green and blue and brown.   Everywhere the forest meets the coast.    The lakes are full of fish, the woods of moose and deer.     Each season will bring along another kind of beauty and a new set of rules.     One learns how important it is to live within Nature’s design and to be ever grateful to Her for the beautiful, bountiful life, which unfolds everyday through Her.  Absorbed in Her magnificence one can become overwhelmed by the intensity of Her love and devotion for all of beings.    Look no further than the majesty of nature and achieve therein.

The Intelligence of Nature, of prakriti, the manifestations of Her light is evidenced within us through the subtle faculties of body, intellect and discrimination.    What a gift of grace!

Whether or not one is able to see,  the beauty of each new day or of oneself  is a choice one  makes.      It is the  man bound by erratic beliefs, opinions, defiance, or doubt, who does not see it.

Why is it easier to live in ignorance than it is to live with Truth?    The idea that within each of us, a great Light shines –  clear and steadfast, intelligent and intuitive, and instinctively kind and compassionate –  must either be too difficult to understand, or be blatantly, unacceptable to the mind.

Why would one refuse to accept the Light in others and in oneself?     Why should one prefer to react to the impulses of one’s lowest possible nature?    What or who is it that wants to judge and attack others?    Surely it can be a convincing argument that it is not the intellect, the bodhi, the soul.     Why would anyone want to create such clutter in one’s own mind?     One’s perspective is limited by the opinion of the mind, which does not contain either grace or gnosis?  Interpretation by the mind is rarely ever appropriate beyond one’s own narrow conditioning.   Opinion only entrenches the mind in the world of matter, allowing one only to discharge and incur more karma and strengthen impurities.

Lack of disciple unsteadies the generous flow of prana, awareness and grace.

The subtle body craves nourishment.    Why choose to engage the vital by moving with agitation from one experience to another?     Agitation disturbs one’s prana and mind and the subtle channels of ida and pingala become imbalanced.  Pranic flows continually within the same channel and the quality of life is disturbed.   Fatigue, insomnia, overwhelming emotions, lack of clarity, neurosis,  narcissism and delusion can result from disturbances in prana.   The quality of life is reduced along with the health and life span of the physical body.

Nourish the soul and the physical body with the writings of  Saints and Siddhas.   The Siddhas tell us, “understanding the truth of the soul, concerning Kundalini Sakti and prana and the transcendental nature of your existence and its impact on physical longevity!”  When prana and kundalini function together the soul is nourished and health, vitality, emotional steadiness and well-being ensue.

Discipline is the only way out of the quagmire of repeating the same actions over and over.    By disciplining the mind and choosing to break through the bondage of one’s own conditioning, and through acts of kindness and making amends, one achieves growth of a spiritual nature.  Understanding the true nature of energy and the grace of the Lord is an essential tool given the seeker to affect overall improvement.   Prana is intertwined with the soul as it maintains the human body. Give the soul its due and allow it to shine as meritorious deeds of goodness and kindness and as intuition and insight.  Conjoined with overwhelming love and devotion the seeker is taken directly into the lap of the Lord.

Choose to get away and take a long break from the internet, television and other media sources and instead devote time to your Self.

Find a way to spend long periods in nature and draw knowledge  from its divine source.    Walk  in nature; wake up in nature.     Seek Grace sincerely and lift your face to it accept it in whatever form it comes…. as rain or shine.   Realize both,  how insignificant and how blessed you are.

Siddha Tirumular tells us, “Grace is truly a supreme samadhi and with it there is no need for any other effort.

I enthusiastically invite you to invest time  in retreat and in the new Edition of the Thirumandiram (10 volumes).     The Tirumandiram will open a door for you into the world of Kundalini Yoga.     It too is full of hints, signs and clues.    We have established a new website to help you whet your appetite and begin your study.       Check it out at  www.tirumandiram.com

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