Maintaining Harmonious Senses and Experiences

Over the past few months, I have received emails from about a dozen people who feel their yogic practices have opened a door to anxiety, fear, anger, lucid nightmares or depression.    They want to know that they should continue their practices and want confirmation that their experiences are signs of  “spiritual,” openings rather than mental/psychic/pranic imbalances.  Unfortunately such things are not cut and dry.  They can be both

Yoga is difficult for everyone, because it starts a process of purification.   Any purification will bring up toxins within the body or mind.  Even if one could be assured that these experiences were due to kundalini awakening and rising, spiritual experiences would still be a mix of both pleasant and disconcerting.   Some periods will be quite bright and inspiring, while others quite melancholy and discouraging.  Experiences will reflect a rising of consciousness into the light and slipping into the darkness of the soul.  When we seek to know the self, we open to all our parts.  We are complex and contain both light and dark.  We have to accept and move on and not stop to tarry along the way in imagination, fantasy or stagnation.

You are on the path to your self.   Thoughts are mental formations coming up from your conscious,  subconscious or  from  the unconscious or  superconscious.  You have to know yourself and be honest and courageous and encourage your mind to  uncover the source of your thoughts, tendencies and conditioning. 

The first thing, drop any resistance and anger or judgment regarding thoughts.  Reject the notion that they are tricksters, malevolent, or intrusive.   Accept the thoughts for what they are, as a strange retinue of acquaintainces that have come to visit.  Perhaps , even friends from the past that are leading you into areas that you had forgotten existed.  Thank them and let them leave.

I find that if I am caught-up by a particularly strong or unpleasant thought, that just by coming back into my senses, into felt sensation within my physical body, I regain my presence.  By focusing on the sensation of the thought, in my physical body, I can release the thought and often discover the source of it.  
Thoughts, even anxiety, sadness or fear does not coexist well with sensation.  When you turn your mind to the sensation instead of the thought, the thought often dissolves, even if only temporarily.  If a thought is quite dense, due to years of conditioning, and established in your psyche, it will not dissolve just by observing the physical sensation of it.    You have to consciously call on the sanity of coming to your senses,  and chose to remain calm in the face of anything that should rise to disturb you.

 Spiritual growth is demonstrated when, regardless of what is occurring in your life or moving through the space of your mind, you can maintain a steady heartbeat and calm heart —  the least disturbance to the body.   Spritual attainment is  experienced as  a concentrated static benevolent power, which maintains steady unshakability and restores strength, patience and faith.    This is what you seek when you do your Yoga practices!

Yoga  Siddhanta says that the soul experiences through pure subject consciousness.   Its experience is sensory, associated with the body, world and matter, creating attachments that perpetuate the karmic cycle.  When through our practices, kundalini is full awakened, the soul is in charged, guiding the senses, and it derives experiences based on self-control and self-will.  The soul, its experiences and the senses are in harmony.    This is what we seek.

When the soul is in full control, one is freed from all attachments.   Freedom of attachments brings about purity of mind, body, environment and is extremely important as kundalini begins to awaken.  Yogic practices that emphasize virtue and simplicity are critical to growth.   The guiding voice I have heard along the way has kept me from fear, anxiety or self importance has emphasized Simplicity… Beauty….Be simple, Be kind.   Each word arrives on  a physical sensation — knowledge with a tactile experience of the quality.  With each awareness,  impurities can be identified  along with the grace and energy to eliminate them. 

Impurities are not all immediately eliminated by grace, but through grace, the choice becomes ours to rid our self of them.   We must pray for grace.  Without grace we are most likely to fail.  Our energy can become quite eratic or choked and buildup so that  our shortcomings and impuritie get stronger.   The flow of great dynamic energy is often followed by a deludge of thoughts and feelings: self-importance and narcissm, self-rightousness, sadness, fear or depression.  Tapas and caution is required. We must continue the Kriya practices of asana, pranayama, mantra, meditation to purifying body, nadis, mind and the intellect and demand continue self-study and a commitment to devotional practices of seeing the Lord in all.

 Selfless service can be quite useful at these times, especially, physical work.  Do work that you specifically, do not find easy or enjoyable, i.e. some cleaning job or organizing your house or belongings.  To continue to do only what is pleasureable or  avoid what is difficult or unpleasant  creates or maintains contraction in the body.   Any contraction will stop, hinder or imbalance the free flow of energy.    Our energy should be free to move effortlessly.  Use  energy constructively and continue all work until the prana is harmonized with the mind and work is no longer difficult or the job is completed. 

 Difficulty is a reflection of your nature and pranic flow.   Change your nature, smile, cheer up, be peaceful and unflappable and move your body and difficulties disappear.  Do not sit too much.  Align and relax the body.  Move, walk, dance!  The energies that are choked will be released and allowed to rise up the central channel. 

Remember that contraction occur in the body and block, or choked-off energy, whenver we wallow in emotion or suffer due to the conditioning of our desires, fantasies, aversions or inertia.  Any increase in energy will cause increase in whatever we choose to experience.   Be careful what you set your mind on.

 Set your mind on Love, as God. Love is God is a great knowledge, a mahavayka … the power of love of the human being contains the divine spark. Karuna, compassion too is another name for Love.

 If you set your mind on Love and compassion, mental purity and cheerfulness will protect you from depression, anxiety and fear on the spiritual path.  Universal Love and compassion requires you to develop discernment, discrimination and detachment.  If the witnessing mind is clear about the importance of discrimination and discernment, the mind will become fiercely protective of its peace and Love with permeate and heal body and heart.

Set your mind on the channel of Love ( in anyway you can) and mental purity and cheerfulness will protect you from depression, anxiety and fear on the spiritual path.  Imagine that Love is being breathed directly into your mind and heart with every breath  … that the reason behind everything is to develop love.  And that you must develop discernment, discrimination and detachment.   When you have attained  discrimination and discernment,  the mind and witnessing consciousness harmonzes and becomes fiercely protective of the  peace and Love that heals and brings order to the whole being, the whole world.

Sri Aurobindo tells us… “As the soul, the psychic entity takes up its greater functon as the guiden and ruler of the nature, a guidance, a governance begins from within, which exposes every moment to the truth, repels what is false, obscure, opposed to the divine realization: every region of the being, every nook and corner of it, every moment, formation, direction, inclination of thought, will, emotion, sensation, action, reaction, motive, disposition, propensity, desire, habit of the consciousness or subconscious, physical even the most concealed, camouflaged, mute, recondite is lighted up with the unerring psychic light, their confusions dissipated, their tangles disentangled, their obscurities, deceptions, self-deceptions precisely iindicated and removed; all is purified, set right, the whole nature harmonized, modulated in the psychic key, put into spiritual order.  This process may be rapid or tardy according to the amount of obscurity and resistance still left in the nature, but it goes on unfalteringly so long as it is not complete.”

 Babajis Love is grace-light shining from the highest form of Love, and pure and free of all blemishes.  His only concern is for the soul – for the soul to learn and redeem itself, experience the supreme love of God and become one with it.   Babaji’s Grace grants us the power to love unconditionally…this mellows the soul so that it shines within and without.

  1. wanted to thank (you) and Marshal for the teaching you’re doing Paula and I have both done the 2nd initiation and then went to Yoganada,s SRF meetings in Seattle (I was initiated after 2 years of study)..
    thank you
    ps we are beginning new at a job in Navajo nation just s. of Pinyon Ariz (sp. Pinon) ..Paula with her masters degree and certiicate .me with an emergerncy cert. (pending)
    there is alot pending ……..isn’t it ??

    • Daniel
    • August 22nd, 2010

    Namaste Durga,

    Thanks again for your blog.
    Would you allow me to translate this one in French and to send it to another student of Kriya Yoga?


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