Staying the Path

The past couple of weeks have been particularly difficult and various challenges have tested my awareness and inner equilibrium and disheartened my ego.  All of the discomfort I experienced was due to either impulsiveness on my part, or my investment in the status quo.  I can now appreciate the transformational power of this time.

 For steady internal growth we need strict rules and self-discipline because our normal human nature is careless. We need tools to protect the fragility of growth, to keep the mind from freaking-out and to learn how to return to the center in a relaxed and and natural way. Sometimes we can get so drawn into the big screen of our life that we forget to tend to the tenderness of the soul.  Yogic sadhana helps us to remember to remain steadily on course and adjust to change without compromising integrity.

Challenges arrive so that we are forced to transform or restore this or that, which is deteriorating, and this is good.  But any correction of mistakes should be made from the space of the tender soul not from the ego.  Teachings come in many forms, and some are not ones we would choose.  Some of our best teachings come from something being forced upon us. It is said that something harmful may happen to a good person but in that event, an important benefit can occur.  This is one of the paradoxes of life.

We all seek the benefits of inner peace and contentment.  In that search it not uncommon for people to align with a particular school of Yoga/ meditation and then quit, to try another.   Anyone who stays the path of Babajis Kriya Yoga adds something, figures out something about how to remain firm not only in their practice but also by working on themself.  There is no way to walk away from the path because their life becomes their path.  The only concern is not to get stuck, or to lose awareness of that fact.

A path walked sincerely connects us to our own Inner Guru and to Universal energy. And then, we are supported in so many directions.  Spiritual tradition is founded on the belief that once we gain firm support from within, external support follows.  It is that internal foundation that we must gain.  We must establish a firm ground.   A specific spiritual dharma like Babajis Kriya Yoga is a means of bulding firm grounding and unshakeable faith. 

Firm ground is not necessarily demonstrated by how many hours one does specific practices, nor is it a reflection of the personal relationship one has developed with a Guru in the physical form.  It requires never leaving the path, come what may.  One may still try this or that new technique, and stays the path.  Firm ground is expressed in one’s ability to self observe, serve others selflessly and remain faithful to the Way demonstrated by those who have gone before us, whom we respect.

So choose a path and stay it, do practices without judging them and drop any idea of good, bad, better, best, loss or gain? 

 Any judgment concepted by the thinking mind tends to be very superficial and is usually just some form of mental mischief.  Understanding is different; it is absorbed in the bones, the blood and marrow and happens when one is ripe.  Ripening occurs in the Witnessing Mind, the mind not accessible by thinking.  This mind will never be known through ordinary efforts.  It is only through one’s extraordinary aspiration for the Divine or his/her sincere, intense practice of meditation over time, which takes one into this soft, space of Pure Intelligence. 

Select a path that feels right, and then begin the training in earnest without looking back or around – not judging, or comparing.  Nothing will lead you into a quagmire of stagnation quicker than judgment and doubt.  It is by remaining open to the path that one finds oneself being lead in their sadhana.  The right teacher or experience comes at the correct time, in the perfect form, for a particular lesson.  Sometimes a person will be guided to develop a cool detachment by retreating from activity and involvement in the busy mind or to practice intense sadhana.  Once in a while, any one of us may be called upon to serve as a mediator between the fortunate and the less fortunate, to facilitate an increase that benefits others.  If we can do this without motive, the soul is nurtured. Nurturing the soul increases its influence and we can discover our self  in others. 
We are all traveling the same road; only the events along that way are different for each of us.  There are obstacles inherent in the process; there may be accidents, detours or a roadside bomb that stops us in our tracks for a while. A few will race ahead, jumping over some of the steps along the way.  Some will pace themselves steadily; others stroll, fuflfilling desires on the road but not getting very far, while others shuffle down the road just stirring up dust and kicking rocks.  The key for every journeyer is to learn from each thing that comes up to meet us and continue to move on cautiously, forward.

The pressure from the stress and complexities of life offers us flavor, challenges and opportunities, and the possibility of transformation.   Often our best teachings are those that are forced on us in life.  Rare is the one, who can sit down on a meditation cushion, transfixed on a point in the physical body and drop into Pure Awareness or have God reveal Himself/Herself.   Pure Awareness and God are often  more accessible to people with their eyes wide open, in the midst of an emergency.

Over these past two weeks, I have been shown again and again just how deeply connected we all are to everyone else.  I have been amazed by God’s Grace.  We are connected to those with whom we have much in common but also to those with whom we think we have nothing in common – with those who have divergent political, religious and societal views – with those we like and admire and with those we do not.  We are all intimately connected.  And all we have to do, come what may is to maintain that awareness and reflect on it and trust and surrender moment-to-moment to the flow of life force – trusting the life flow will move us onward, in the best possible way.

    • prakash
    • March 25th, 2012

    just awesome and soul uplifting

  1. Prakash, I am glad the post was useful for you. Hari Aum, Durga

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