A Yoga Toolbox for Shaping Your Future


 I am pleased to have completed a new, and I think, inspiring and empowering Yoga ebook with Hatha Yoga sets that  build upon one another and are attentive to the unique needs and capacities of individuals.

A Yoga Toolbox for Shaping Your Future, offers training in the simple tools to live a long, healthy and happy life.  It is written both for those who are new to Yoga and for those who feel uninspired in their practices.  It was not written specifically for those who practice Babajis Kriya Yoga.  It is dedicated to anyone who is willing to try Yoga to heal what ails their body, mind, heart or spirit.  

A dedicated, daily Yoga practice can be difficult to establish due to resistances in both the body and the mind. Therefore, these trainings are short and wholistic.  They provide both physical and mystical ways of relaxing, harmonizing and healing the physical body, mind and emotions.  They teach how to be receptive to the joy of moving in postures and to the tactile awareness of the shimmering, energy body.  As dynamic energy, enthusiasm and awareness increases, one learns how to apply these in their work, relationships and in shaping their future.

A daily routine of Hatha Yoga and meditation will support stability, restore balance and promote relief from the symptoms of a stressful life: out of shape body, poor posture, chronic pain, over-taxed mind and over-extended emotions. 

Yoga can be used effectively as a program of self-discovery and self-healing.  Postures, coordinated with the breath and consciousness, slowly align and balance the body and encourage one to uncover, feel and then release deep-seated tension and trauma.  In doing so, one’s practice can ease pain and emotional suffering, even that, which has been held in the body for years or decades.

 Yoga acts like the spokes of a moving wheel, which connect the wheel to its hub.  It grounds and balances the movement of your body, breath and mind in your ever calm and present Silent Center.  Such a centered presence will affect transformation on all levels of one’s being.  The practices will release tension, restlessness and inertia from body and mind and bring about alignment.

Alignment in the body and mind will  bring about deep relaxation, and the ability to meditate.   One begins to experience a unified flow of energy that can open new channels of inspiration, intuition and insight.   Even off the mat and cushion, this energetic flow will be palpable in the body and perceived through the eyes.

 There are fourteen different daily sets of Yoga practices. Each set has a detailed description and photos (241). Included within the sets are postures (asana), breathing techniques (pranayama), muscular locks (bandhas), physical gestures (mudras), techniques of meditation and training in awareness. 

 Chapter titles are:  Tapping into the Power of Prana; Tapping into the Power of the Mind Through the Breath; Beginning Basic Yoga Postures; Surya Yoga and Aum: Tapping Universal Forces; Breaking through Resistances; Loosening the Lower Body and Spine; Loosening and Relaxing the Upper Body and Spine; Strengthening the Nervous System; Bending Over Backwards; Dealing with Despondency; Standing Asana for Balance and Dynamism; Rejuvenating Sleep; Breakthrough Conditioning; The Art of Meditation: Preparing the Body and Mind; The Power of Mudra; Yogic Relaxations to Enrich Life and Actualize Aspirations.


Let me know if you want more information about ordering the ebook, A Yoga Toolbox for Shaping Your Future.   It should be available soon at www.babajiskriyayoga.net  

    • balamurugan
    • July 9th, 2012

    sir, greetings. sir i want this tool box in tamil cd.sir please answer my request.if so it is available i pay the amount by cheque or dd. thanking u

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