A rare glimpse into the Guru principle

Kailash: In Quest of the Self, by Swami Vedanananda Saraswati, published by Babaji’s Kriya Yoga Publications

There is a law of being and action, a light of Truth, which guides the true seeker.  This guidance may be experienced as strong attraction to do something quite unexpected, a sudden clarity, or a new sense of willpower perceived in ones’ mind or heart.  

The soul, attracted by the Light of Truth puts a psychic impression on the intellect to close the door of desires to the world and open wide the heart in aspiration of that Light.  It is then that the being develops the consciousness of force or presence, which acts within to move and govern the actions of body, mind and spirit.  This presence and dynamic energy is an expression of the “guru principle.”

What develops in the personality is a manifold delight in being and in what you are doing.  Spiritual experiences become normal to your new nature.  All essential experiences of the body,  mind and life become spiritualized so that everything is transformed in your consciousness.  An impersonal  goodness and beauty is expressed through your actions.  All, everything seen becomes illumined by the great Shakti, which embraces all that happens and grants a wider perspective and insight into the very nature of things and others. 

 Working with Swami Vedananda over the past year, I can guarantee the reader, a rare glimpse into a personal spiritual transformation of just this sort in the new book, Kailash, In Quest of the Self.

This is the spiritual adventure story of a dedicated renunciant’s step-by-step pilgrimage to Tibet’s Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar, the abode of the gods on earth.  Swami Vedananda, a direct disciple of Shirdi Sai Baba literally takes us with him on his journey.  He gives us an amazingly frank and honest portrayal of the physical and spiritual challenges, which plagued him on this very difficult yatra.  He shares his personal encounters with great ascetics, saints and gods who prodded him on.

Paramahamsa Vedananda records for us, in detail, the remarkable meetings and teachings he received from several siddhas, and in particular a 700 year-old Siddha.   Swamiji grants us access to his profound meditations.   Numerous photographs show us the way.  This is a book full of blessings.

ISBN 978-1-895383-66-9     228 pages       58 photographs

 For Purchase see-   http://www.babajiskriyayoga.net/english/bookstore.htm 

15.95 USD       17.95 CAD     12.50 EUROS















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