The YogaToolbox is available as an ebook

The Yoga Toolbox – An everyday guide for shaping your future offers lessons in simple tools to live a long, healthy and happy life.   It is written for everyone who wishes to use  Yoga  as a practice of aligning,  relaxing and centering the body and mind to release deep-seated tension. 

 Yoga has the potential to release old pains and relieve emotional suffering, which has been maintained in the body for  years.  

 Like the spokes of a moving wheel, Yoga connects your body, mind, breath to your source of balance – the every present Silent Center.   It is that centered presence, which affects transformation on  all levels of your being and guides you into a more perfect future.

The Yoga Toolbox – An everyday guide for shaping your future is dedicated to everyone willing to meet life’s challenge with awareness, acceptance and asana!

 Each of the fourteen different sessions you will learn to practice is designed to address a specific objective that will allow you to shape your future.  The objectives include:

  1. gaining access to unlimited power;
  2. purifying the five bodies or sheaths;
  3. developing concentration through controlled breathing;
  4. becoming flexible in life, starting with the spine;
  5. connecting to “the inner sun” for self healing;
  6. bending forward into stress and change;
  7. removing tension and blockages in the joints;
  8. developing a strong nervous system;
  9. learning to bend backwards, digest and let go;
  10. reversing depression or sadness;
  11. stand up, be centered and act dynamically;
  12. developing deep, restful sleep;
  13. overcoming negative conditioning;
  14. mastering the art of meditation;
  15. using the power of mudras (psycho-physical gestures) to change your life;
  16. using Yoga-Nidra (deep relaxation and yogic rest) for Self awareness and to re-program your future.

The Yoga Toolbox is available as  an ebook for download, for only $10.    278 pages, with over 200 black and white photographs.  Formatted for printing on 8.5 inch by 11 inch  paper. 

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  1. Dear Durga,

    It seems that ‘Nature versus Nurture’ is your last posted blog. I have read few of your other shared topics as well and I really like them a lot. I am interested to know more about your interactions/experiences related to Mahavatar Babaji or as such any other yogi.

    Could you please keep updating your posts so that i will have the priviledge to read and get the feel of the same.


    Sirisha Jayanty.

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