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If you enjoy the blog, I invite you to comment, question, doubt, share your own experiences on the path and support a group energy.   Help me make this blog more interactive, and more relevant, a virtual sangah.

 During this past highly charged political month, I have often reflected on the important teaching that lasting change can be made only through collective commitment to increase awareness and clear up the mistakes of the past.  It makes me wonder what would have to change within our personalities and conditioning to make real change.  And how could that change come about?

 We can look back through history, throughout the world and see that a collective consciousness has immense force and power.  When a collective force is strong enough, its force and spirit can spread literally and figuratively out like the sea, molding itself to the many waves and surrounding some thing here, overflooding something thing there and finally swallowing up all with which it comes in contact.   Such is the force of shakti.

 We understand that one who is disciplined, who thinks the most, aspires the most and works the hardest receives more shakti (dynamism and force of attraction).   However, if one also fathoms deeply and learns the truth of the world he/she receives immense shakti (dynamic creative energy) and when Knowledge and Shakti come together they form a truly powerful force for Good.  True wisdom appears to be a cellular memory, a vibration of love, kindness, compassion that shows us how to connect and know our true self and that of others and turn all effort into an active reality. 

To make lasting change one must become an open conduit for shakti.   To be receptive to this energy one must become a worshipper of Shakti.    To be a worshipper of Shakti means first, acknowledging there is such a thing as Universal Energy and Knowledge, and then developing a foundation of Yoga and strong equanimity to establish the imperturbable force and wisdom in the body/mind complex and in all its movements.

To make positive change in the world permanent, we must all become devotees of this Shakti.   But, in addition, we must work to eliminate all pettiness, narrow-mindedness and jealousy.    Only by ridding ourself of egoism will we be able to understand this Energy as infinite luminious vastness, tranquil wisdom and infinite love and not merely think it is our own magnetic personality and personal power to use as we choose.

 This would have to be a non-sectarian devotional sadhana  – a  purification by fire to awaken Kundalini – an awakening that would break us wide-open and open a door to our creative imagination.   She might of course, open a door to other worlds, arising as visions, excitement and megalomania.  People would have to know that this is just theatrics and made aware instead of the tranquil, unhurried calm effort and progress she sets in motion. 

 Kundalini awakening could bring about a new world of authentic human beings.  It could help us all connect with the Supreme Truth within our own being, in whatever form, by whatever path that brings inner contentment.   Inner contentment is the only thing that  matures the soul and cultivates the truth so that we can live harmoniously in a world of challenges and conflict.

Kundalini awakening  allows us to see all parts of ourselves.  It is the femine part of ourself that lights up the dark places of our psyche.  It is through the feminine that our shadows become illuminated.  It is the feminine that allows us to see our human willfulness and cultivates a higher will for change and transformation.  If egoism does not get in the way and off track, the feminine within each of us could make lasting change.

Self-realization would promote lasting change – a means of biological, psychological, spiritual unification and harmonization.   It would create a combination of spiritual perception and realistic awareness of the world around us.  It could allow us all to have a free flowing existence as a part of Nature, step-by-step, moment-to-moment, liberated from preoccupation with result or consequence.  The vibration of shakti would simply repeat itself, irresistibly moving each of us sensitively and spontaneously to whatever arises in front of us.  It would be a different world where everyone worked individually mindfully aware, as part of the whole.

 The Mother of Aurobindo ashram speaks so beautifully of the phenomenon of living in a Universal soapbubble of Shakti.   She says that you eternally change within Her irresponsible gusts, with no sense of consequence.  None whatsoever.  She says if, “ disharmony and discord begins to lead to chaos, Kundalini Shakti slowly moves the sword of divine Vibration into the center of it, shattering the discord with the vibration of Order and Light.  The effect is rarely immediate, but the situation is affected positively, as the discord and disorder is dissolved, dispersed and changed effortlessly…like a continuous stream of light and order, a gentle penetrating influcence.” 

Communication with Shakti, she says, is done in crystalline luminous regions above the head, where communication is effortless and truth exists.   Knowledge descends into the mind, the brain is receptive to all from above; there are no walls. Intense light descends in a pouring or in flashes, like lightening.    Some is received easily, some is more passive.  All activity is above the head.

Can you imagine a time of  simplicity, when truth and knowledge from above guides and decides everything you do?   What is happening in your consciousness?  Your  consciousness determines the nature and quality of the life you live.   

Perhaps a multiplicity of approaches could eventually yield the secret to open the door for the whole world of beings to an impersonalized realization of Truth.   If each of us would develop a higher spiritual consciousness and use that in all activies of our life, then, when the moments of awareness all link up, we will simply realize that we are already there.

    • elioside
    • November 12th, 2010

    Dear Durga, the idea of esatsang is beautiful. Many of us feel connected to this source of being while reading your blog. In the current blog there is a question how to make the efficient difference in our lives, environment etc.?
    Maybe it could help when we feel to whom we are trully connected. Then it would be quite natural which responsibilties we are ready to take and to carry. We are created and chosen by love to be alive for a while. Do we feel this in every breath?
    Recently i’ve found a modern translation of the Lord’s prayer, and i would like to share it. It is inspiring to experience that this pristine urge to be connected with the source is a real prayer!

    The Prayer To Our Father
    (by Jesus, in the original Aramaic)

    “Oh Thou, from whom the breath of life comes,

    who fills all realms of sound, light and vibration.

    Nethkâdasch schmach
    May Your light be experienced in my utmost holiest.

    Têtê malkuthach.
    Your Heavenly Domain approaches.

    Nehwê tzevjânach aikâna d’bwaschmâja af b’arha.
    Let Your will come true – in the universe (all that vibrates)
    just as on earth (that is material and dense).

    Hawvlân lachma d’sûnkanân jaomâna.
    Give us wisdom (understanding, assistance) for our daily need,

    Waschboklân chaubên wachtahên aikâna
    daf chnân schwoken l’chaijabên.
    detach the fetters of faults that bind us, (karma)
    like we let go the guilt of others.

    Wela tachlân l’nesjuna
    Let us not be lost in superficial things (materialism, common temptations),

    ela patzân min bischa.
    but let us be freed from that what keeps us off from our true purpose.

    Metol dilachie malkutha wahaila wateschbuchta l’ahlâm almîn.
    From You comes the all-working will, the lively strength to act,
    the song that beautifies all and renews itself from age to age.

    Sealed in trust, faith and truth.
    (I confirm with my entire being)

    • ajbernath
    • November 15th, 2010

    Thank you so very much for submitting the original prayer
    it is and sounds so real so rich so very beautiful
    om sai ram

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