When the Lord answers

Someone commented on the last post and left us with a translation of the original Lord’s Prayer from the Aramaic.  It is quite beautiful; do check it out if you have not.   The last line, in particular touched me deeply.

From You comes the all-working will, the lively strength to act, the song that beautifies and renews itself from age to age.” 

Each morning I make a personal prayer to the Lord and Ma Shakti to help me  remain aware enough to do the right thing in the right way in any situation that might arise.    I ask that my Highest Consciousness to direct my will and  and  Shakti to strengthen my actions in a way that is both beautifying and renewing for myself and for those involved with me.

I began this prayer about 20 years ago, while studying  Sri Aurobindo.  Sri Aurobindo wrote in his Syntheis of Yoga, that  “Yoga is not a remote silent or high-uplifted ecstatic Beyond.   Life alone is the field of our Yoga.    The transformation of our superficial, narrow and fragmentary human way of thinking, seeing, feeling and being into a deep and wide spiritual consciousness and an integrated inner and outer existence of our ordinary human living into the divine way of life is our central purpose.”

 I learned the importance of every single “action” taken in life; that nothing could be taken for granted.   Every single thought, word, feeling, sensation, desire, aversion, all that is done or willed to be done must be observed and corrected as often as necessary to relinquish all conditioning.  Only then can a  spiritual revolution and evolution eliminate all conditioning and suffering and awaken us to the understanding that everything that happens is in reality only neutral.

Aurobindo and The Mother give us the greatest clues to how to live a spiritually evolving life.   They tell us that while there are many wrong actions in any given situation, there can  only be one action, which is the right one.  And we must at all times attempt to do that one right thing, in the right way, at the right moment.  

 But the question remained, “How do we know if what we are doing is right, and done in the right way…..

The answer for the kriya yogi can be revealed in a moment of reflection on a few obvious questions.

Who is initiating the action?   What is the impulse behind the action?     For what purpose is this being done?     Who is executing the action?     What is the spirit and manner of the action?          For who’s benefit is the action being done?

Normally, of course the answer to all these inquiries would be egoist, a variety of me and mine reasons.     And most likely the action was the wrong one for the right reason or the right one for the wrong reason or possibly, the wrong one for all the wrong reasons.

For the action to be the right one, the one correct action done at the right time, for the right reason, it is must have been your own divine shakti that was the inspiration and the guiding force, both initiating and activating the action, in Her own way for Her own reason

In this way we consciously plant good seeds for which a good affect will result.

Recently a Kriya Yogi living in India wrote to us, sharing an experience that demonstrates this ability to do the right thing,  so concretely, so vividly, so boldly, that I asked her if I could share it here.

The night before coming to Bangalore, I heard the most dreadful
noises from the neighbouring house: someone hammering and a woman
screaming for her life.   I jumped into my raincoat and ran
through the fields and mud to come to her rescue as I presumed
one of the men of the house of farmworkers had lost his marbles and
was beating up one of the women in the household.

As I neared the scene I saw a screaming woman, running away from the house,
seemingly non-injured, a man running after her.  I saw a second man
hammering away on a door as to break it open.  All at once, that guy turned and
came towards me with the hammer in his hand and a frightful expression
in his eyes.   As a I prepared for battle, he threw the hammer at the
ground and fell to the earth crying.   At that point,  the first guy returned with a
long ironrod, a ‘gadaparai’, which is used for digging holes
for planting.   The two men both worked together to pry open the door.
Once the door gave way, we rushed into the room to see the pitiable sight of a man hanging from the ceilingfan,  a noose around his neck made from his bedsheets.   The men held his body as I untied the sheet from around the man’s neck.   We placed his lifeless body on the bed and I asked them to go and call for an ambulance.   I took off my mala and placed the ‘dollar’ – a piece of the bark from the banayantree in Swami Nithyanandas Bidadi ashram on his third eye and a hand also on  his heartchakra.     
The room was now filled with wailing women and neighbours.    I sat for nearly 20 minutes chanting the Om Nama Shivaya mantra with a steady strength.    Most of the wailing women had left the room and with only 2 or 3 left,  I switched to chanting ‘Om Kriya Babaji Nama Aum’ and immediately a force, a strong current came from within my heart and coursed through my arms and hands entering the poor man’s heart and ajna chakras.    The entire room filled with such a beautiful, loving light energy – All sense of suffering disperse and the victims’ eyes started to move under his eyelids and some spitum, then a litle vomit, as he came back to consciousness.
After a few minutes the men returned and removed the man from the house.   An engineer who was helping me with a land deal had been fetched ( he was the only educated man around, currently in charge of building nearby).
 As they couldn’t arrange for an ambulance, this man, whose name is Annamalai, still in his underwear was propped up on a motorbike between the driver and another guy who held his body and they drove off on the terribly potholed road, in mud and rain, toward the hospital.
The following morning, just before I left to catch the bus for  Bangalore, the man’s sister sister, my gardener who takes care of all the plants when I am away, came to my house to tell me that her brother had miracolously survived the trip to the local hospital and later on had been transferred to a better facility in Pondicherry.  
Who knows whether Annamalai will live to be a 100 years or die soon and I suppose that is not very important. The fact that the Lord came to him in his darkest hour of need and showed him the Unconditional Love of a Father for his child is amazing.  Such a connection is the most important and sacred bond that can ever happen to any human being.

What a perfect example of the intervention of Divine Shakti!   While this kriyayogi felt strongly about the rightness of her action, she did not lose sight of the bigger picture… whereas each single action is due to a specific karma and will result in a specific karmic debt or merit, this higher  “response to an event” shows us how to deal with the rights of others and still do the “right thing” at the right time for the right reason.

This woman’s understanding that we are all an integral part of a whole, and all held together by the threads of our Divine Shakti opened herself wide to embrace a 360 degree perspective and made her strong enough to react, run and do what was right.   She did not do a single thing out of ego, but from inspiration, guidance and a higher will.   And in addition she surrendered the results of the action to the other treasured member’s truth.     She did not try to force a result, she allow the divine energy to flow through her,  offering it to this suffering man, giving his soul an opportunity of another chance.

So rarely do we have such an extraordinary example of ‘doing the right thing.’   Jeeva Jyoti has sowed another good seed by sharing her story with us.  And I am most grateful.

    • Andrew
    • December 19th, 2010

    If we are prepared {spiritually} we are the living vessel for the divine energy to manifest. The moment our feet touch the ground is filled with exact presence to the now. In times of extreme experience such as life and death the ability to be present is most needed. When I wonder if I am a being of the highest good I use this rule “is it true, is it necessary, and is it kind” To be kind may be the greatest of these qualities. We have the choice always to be the light giver who has faith for the highest good in each soul. Thank you for spreading light and love to your readers. The example of living the practice of yoga is what makes the path alive in our lives. Practice, Practice, Practice…Andrew

    • Johanne
    • December 20th, 2010

    Bonjour Durga,

    This morning I spoke words when I should have said nothing. Silence is golden. I am learning that. Afterwards, I knew it was not the right action because it did not feel right inside. I just knew. My ego spoke. Then, my heart said I am sorry. I gave it all back to Babaji with love and humility. Like Andrew said, I will practice, practice, practice some more…

    I have a few questions for you, Durga. I am presently reading about Prana in the fifth lesson of the Grace course. I am a bit confused on the difference between Prana and Shakti. Also, what is the difference between Shakti and Grace? Do you have any book suggestions on this?

    I also have a blog suggestion for you. “How does a yogi in North America celebrate Christmas.” I maybe would add : “withour feeling like an impostor and disapointing your mother!” I am doing the same things I have been doing since a child, but I am not quite feeling the same about the whole Christmas period.

    Thank you in advance for your answers.


    • Durga
    • December 21st, 2010

    Silence is Golden, but sometimes not speaking your truth can be more harmful. It can be a fine line…
    what is important is to build our nervous system so that small things don’t disturb us and Silence and a smile is our truthful response.

    Grace is so great an action that it is too deep and sublime to be defined in words or even conceived by the human mind.
    Grace does not appear and disappear, its action is constant and ceaseless and operative in everyone’s life irrespective of any individual’s limited conditions. It is a Force of Nature … which was acting before man even arrived on the earth… it is impersonal.

    Grace’s goal is to effectuate the best possible good at every moment in the life of everyone…however it may not be in accord with that other ever functioning Great Cosmic Force, Ignorance…our separative consciousness of personal egoism.

    I think of Shakti as one’s inner dynamism and personal power… it is the dynamic awakened prana… you feel it as you drop into the body in meditation, it is that deep energetic explosion you feel at the core of your body, deep inside the spine can be felt to rush upward, through the long conduit of the body and pass out through the top of the head….you can feel it as magnetism.. when you draw things and others toward you…
    When it stirs it is very strong and distinct current. You are in the flow of shakti…
    This is why mental Surrender is as important as is flexibility and suppleness in the body for the current to flow with force in a unified manner. Surrender to a force much larger than us.

    Aligning the mind, body, prana is a means of achieving relaxation, letting go and dropping down into oneself. Relaxation releases the resistances that block the prana and then relaxation keeps the current of shakti moving once the locks are open.

    Re: Christmas
    Why not keep doing the things that mean something to you… It is all about building on the Devotional and Compassionate Heart and filling it with JOY! There is no better time in the West … than Christmas for this….you have the support of so many others!

    There is always an amazing energy around Christmas for giving love and sharing of yourself, but also for meditation. I have found this for year to year… year after year of sacred celebration and cosmic alignment and everyone open to the descent of Grace. I think it may be similar to why the Temples in India are so powerful.. . year after year of sacred celebration and cosmic alignment with so many prayers asking for Divine Grace.

    I always look forward to Christmas Eve especially for mediation. This year we have also an eclipse energy to work with, coming atop the Winter Solstice and so are given another fortunate time for mantra and meditation. That alignment begins this evening after midnight , dec.21 and tomorrow.

    Christmas is an opportunity to celebrate the higher call of the family of man… Jesus is a perfected being with a perfected message… Why shouldn’t we celebrate this devotionally.

    There is no sense of conflict for a yogi at Christmas… It is a time to do for others – friends, family and strangers…
    A time to invite those who may not have a place to go on Christmas Day
    It is a time to experience the joy of giving…You don’t have to cut down a Tree for Christmas, but the illuminated tree is extraordinarily symbolic for a yogi.

    • G Kamath
    • January 21st, 2011

    Hello Sir,

    The narration is excellent with the fragrance of life eminating from soul/flower. I have no words to say because you have been already in track of learning life. I dont know how to feel god but am trying my best .I hope í’ll find one day .By the way your story encouranged me . I should thanks and thanks very much.

    G Kamath

    • jayakarthik
    • March 11th, 2011

    Wow, Its really a blessing to have come across your blog. Thank you

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