Transforming fear into love

It has been almost 6 months since I last blogged.  During the time away I have been engaged in my life with my family, attended to work, traveled to India on pilgrimage and taken care of my responsibilities.  I have tried to remain detached from opinions and politics.   My practice has focused on self-reflection: what I see in the mirror when I see myself.  Trying to maintain a certain quiet and observing mind, smiling heart and taming any excitement that arises in my nervous system.  I have avoided television news and political commentary and it has been extraordinarily strengthening.

Perhaps, even now it is best to just to stay quiet with faith that regardless of what appears to have happened,  what appears to be continuing unfolding, all of it is happening only that each of us may find the impetus to  evolve one by one  into a more humane, more compassionate, more loving humanbeing.

It seems, to effect change, the world must be made smaller and we must become more connected.  There is extraordinary power of the media, the internet and cataclysmic events to pull us out of our comfort zone, and draw us closer to the Self individually and towards all others collectively.

By watching all the unfolding events around the world, all the sacrifices made for the endgame, which always seems to be “change,” change happens.   Sacrifice is always necessary for any real change.  Civil disobedience, civil war, epidemics, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, environmental accidents, nuclear events, these all create immense energy in motion, immense energy utilized that result in the shifts and upheavals in the earth, its crust and with its inhabitants.

How much is the conditions on earth and its weather affected by the consciousness of its inhabitants?

The Siddhas tell us that the weather is due to the totality of human consciousness.

Could the crisis in Japan have been caused by the totality of human consciousness?

Satchidananda is presently in Tokyo.  He left yesterday for Japan to give a Mantra Initiation, just as fear around the nuclear meltdown began to rise and countries around the world were beginning to evaculate their citizens.  He arrived at Narita International Airport, as thousands crowded it seeking seats on any plane departing Tokyo.

The students in Japan who had registered for the Initation, months before this,  requested that he not cancel, that he come and support them particularly at this time when life was becoming very difficult.

It was not easy for me to take Satchidananda to the airport and see him off.  Listening to the moment to moment news coming out of Japan, only reinforced my sense of unease.

However, once the decision was considered and made and Satchidananda had boarded  the plane to Los Angeles, and took the flight to Tokyo, surrender settled into my being.  There is nothing that I could do but be surrendered and have faith that his going and giving the seminar too had purpose. …that students will be able to get the retreat safely, and the weekend of silence, pratyahara, meditation and emotional release, and mantra, will help to settle anxiety and grant strength and serenity.

I have been contemplating the saying that the weather is due to the totality of human consciousness.  And I observe the calm demeanor, graciousness, politenss of the Japanese culture and think that perhaps it is that country-wide calm wave of consciousness that will most support the cooling off of those volatile nuclear reactors.  I see with appreciation the spirit of survival and acceptance of death and destruction as nature expressing itself…sadness without anger, frustration without aggression, concern without panic.

And I too become calmed, my sadness dissolves into acceptance and love.  I have been almost overwhelmed by love and  have found my anxiety is gone.  I am assured that events will evolve in a way that is ultimately useful,  if I choose consistently to turn toward the best within myself, just as  the Japanese people seem to be consistently doing.  If every one of us would just bring order to our own mind while in the midst of chaos, could we not move a step closer to our self, collectively?

The Self which is Love is a spiritual state. The Self is never possessive. Love is never possessive.  Sometimes, in this world,  we must lose what we “love”most to learn that lesson.

We are constantly confronted with situations that offer us the possibility to increase our love for our family and friends.  Everyday we can use that opportunity to  to better practice the art of increasing our ability to love.

We must choose to increase our ability to love one another until we love totally, selflessly.   That is what we are seeking.. a state of selfless love, that widens us, connects us and lead us safely through life.

Everyday, we must just choose to express love so the Great Beings who work in the world, like Babaji can work more and more with us, even as things in the world get worse.

    • Kireet Bhartiya
    • April 11th, 2011

    The state of Earth (physical), of its inhabitants is entirely dependent on Human Consciousness prevailing at that time. Over the last 100 years, we humans have 1st multiplied thereby increasing the intensity of the Quality of the Consciousness and gone after Money. Even now Consumerism is the bane of this Consciousness. We reduced the forests, made millions of species extinct, made unnatural and terrible changes in climate patterns and what not. We also increased Fear and Insecurity for ourselves. Mental Diseases when the time for Mental Evolution to Supramental has come.

    I really believe that the Tsunami of 2004 and this Earthquake of Japan which affected the lives of millions of Human Beings is the effect of a diseased consciousness.

    One solution is of course Kriya Yoga. In my meditations, I always visit the Equatorial Rainforests and come in contact with the flora and fauna of the place and see them expanding.

    However, it surprises me why God chooses the good people for the backlash. Japanese people are so kind, loving, courteous, polite and hardworking and spiritual. They had to bear the brunt of the insatiable hunger of other material nations. “I want another house, a new car, Pizza, exotic holidays, fancy gadgets, etc etc”. This attitude leads to a backlash.

    Perhaps God chooses his own people to suffer. This time the Japanese. On other occasions the Jews, Muslims have born the pain of the World.

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