Contradictions on the Path

I wanted to begin this blog for the community of Babaji’s Kriya Yoga.   Babaji’s Kriya Yoga as an entity does not exist for itself.  It is not an organization nor is it run as a non- profit charity. No one needs to sign up and move to a community setting or tithe.  BKY exists only for the good of the individuals who choose to be included within its broad worldwide network.  When I chose to be involved in BKY, I pledged allegiance only to an inner light.  When I chose to get more involved, to teach, to move to the ashram in Canada, I realized that my own warts, worries and inconsistencies would be tested.

There are no rules and regulations or moral obligations that stifle the spirit of anyone who becomes a part of Kriya Yoga,however,  active members must be willing to rigorously check the truth of their thoughts and actions, at all times.  It is so much more difficult to live in the light of truth and love when you live with others.  😉    Regardless how much or deeply you meditate, the mind will still struggle with justifications and blame, as your shadows are uncovered.   And Oh!, all the inevitable emotional storms that follow.

We each have special abilities and gifts and are on occasion most generous with them, but not always.   We may have a Mission or Higher Realizations that are unique to us.   But all of us also have afflictions of egoism – flits of arrogance, pride, selfishness and negations of our abilities and potentials.   We are all a mix of light and dark.  Normally we live quite comfortably in our contradictions.  Most of us prefer to spend all our life expressing our own points of view or justifying our preferences and prejudices, than to spend the time necessary to discover the Truth.  If we choose to be a true aspirant of truth and progress, we must stop living in-ease, with all the contradictions.  We must choose to be self-aware and self-reflective.

So many of us join groups (spiritual or otherwise) and just as many, leave them.  We are generally social animals and don’t like being alone.  Often when people leave, they go with a blast of blame and aspersion; sometimes it is out of boredom or lack of admiration.   When you as a member of a group are no longer satisfied, when you are no longer growing and evolving, you should leave. I see no reason to stay in a group just to maintain it.  But know that if you leave in a fit of passion or confusion, then your leaving is an adharmic (not dharmic!) action. Adharmic actions constrict consciousness and encourage excitement.  Remember to check yourself at all times.

A group is only truly useful when it is not too social and when it is about the growth of the individuals within it. When a group is too social little is accomplished.  Isn’t it so?  A leader is needed to see that work is completed consistently and in a principled way. The leader doesn’t have to be the perfect example of the Perfect Being.  But, equally important is that the group works together with an attitude of cheerful self-giving.  With a comradely interdependence, the group synergy will swell in a way that carries the group, exponentially.

What I always have appreciated about Babaji’s Kriya Yoga is that you don’t have to be apart of any group energy to appreciate the techniques.  When and if necessary you can lean into the circle for a bit of support and step out of it when you don’t.  It is a bit like the hokey pokey… That’s what it’s all about – for  the joy of it.

To be totally honest, the larger Kriya Yoga Community does offer its own contradictions.  Kriya Yoga is a fractured group and a dysfunctional family (albeit not as fractured and polarized as my own country).  There are arguments and turf wars amongst all the various cliques.  There are those who promote one system over another system.  To me this is like suggesting that one arm is stronger than the other, or one leg runs faster than the other.   Even if that were true, they still all stem from the same wide All-Encompassing, All-Loving, All-Forgiving Heart,  so something is amiss!

Sometimes I scream inside that I am not a reflection of the mind of these people who call themselves Kriya yogis.  And yet, because Babaji is the Heart and I aspire for that Love, I persevere.  You persevere.  Ignoring the troubling bits and pieces of the human nature, we continue to do our practices.  We go on strengthening our physical body and bringing more steadiness to our nervous system.  We meditate and practice mantra japa to develop a mind that is more passive and less frantic, less prone to excitement and a bit more ready to be an impartial observer to even our own life.

And I pray too, I pray that dispassion will console me tonight, as I watch the news with my own sweet 92 year old, conservative republican mother!

    • LB
    • November 9th, 2009

    Wow. Thanks for sharing.

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