The Universal Community and Our Place in it – Part 2


What would be the minimum transformation demanded of each of us?   What could we do individually that would be useful for the world at large…

1) Surely, there would be the demand that you as an individual develop and represent the best of your self, offering that best self to all who  interact with  you, not just a few.

2) And a demand, that you respect and consent to the individual freedoms of others, respecting and serving others with kindness when possible in their individual’s desire for health and the pursuit of happiness.  Honor all life as sacred and do good for all others.

3) And encourage a true self-expression of a greater beingness, beyond the mental and moral self that would guide you in the right action in each situation.  This expression would come from a state of inner peace and wisdom.  By focusing and fixing your mind on the awareness, which lies beyond the mind of thoughts and sense, powerful seeds can be planted that can transform your body, mind and  world.

Yours would be a very sophisticated and perhaps initially precarious personality that would require  you to consciously and persistently work to let go of any actions lead by egoism through consistent and vigilant self -observation.

Such individual transformation could happen only through an expanded consciousness where the mind is allowed to harness, harmonize and transform your own thoughts and emotions.   Your mind and emotions would have to remain calm and harmonious so that knowledge of the truth in every moment could guide you to do the right thing.

To be peaceful and wise does not take a set of rules or fixed formulae, but rather these qualities arise out of the  truth that envelops and penetrates consciousness.  Both deep peace and wisdom exist as a conscious presence, which influences and eventually determines the thoughts, activities, feelings, and impulsions of the will, as they form an infallible power and knowledge throughout the nature of the individual. That influence can be extended to others.

So challenging yourself and resisting unrestrained indulgence of impulses of egoism and instead cultivating your aspiration for deep peace and wisdom is a wonderful practice and can transform your mind and personality.  And if your aspiration to be peaceful and wise is stronger than your need to be the strongest personality in the room, to be judgmental or self-righteous, to be either a leader or a follower, to stand out or to belong, complex life issues will become simpler and entanglements will disentangle and it will be easier to respect the needs of all others.

We can all play our part in the world community by working on ourselves.  If we can mature as an individual by feeling gratitude for all we have received and aspire to the goals of our soul by being kind, caring and compassionate to everyone we interact with, we can begin to benefit our community.  

The  spiritual force beyond the mental and vital being that is accessed when we are aware, kind and compassionate in all situations would aid humanity and provide the foundation for individual progress along the way to happiness and perfection.  It prepares the way for us to transcend egoism.  And certainly purification from the afflictions of egoism is both, the condition for social good and indispensable for inner peace, wisdom, joy and ultimate enlightenment.

    • siddhant jain
    • April 27th, 2013

    nice observation , great i get inspired

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