Giving thanks to Shakti, my guiding force

On this Thanksgiving Day, I give thanks to that friend within, that essence, which is and always has been present for me, which is comforting, wise, challenging as it has pushed and carried me forward from year to year.

Throughout my life, even as a small child, I have been in contact with something that I deemed a divine consciousness,  meet in dreams, deep meditation or when I have been overwhelmed by possibilities.   In my earliest recollection of it , I thought it was my brain.  I used to go to my brain for advice and comfort.  Later, I thought it must be a guardian angel as it  transformed strife, struggle and false steps into something else.   Again and again,  out of conflict and confusion, this intelligent presence would create a pure and totally flawless action. 

As a teenage, I felt this as some force guiding every event in my life.  For good or bad, while wining or losing, in accidents, etc.  It was both comforting and maddening, but I  always felt looked after.   I was not a religious person so  I endlessly contemplated how such pure action would be possible? 

This raw intelligent Awareness is the pulsation of  kundalini shakti.  And it is powerful enough to enlarge you.. to place your personal interest, and your attention in relation to others and to solve your concerns in relation to the needs of others.  It is quite radical.   I know for myself that pure action arose from each troubling situation in my life because it always affected not only me, but many others in a positive way, in a way that I never considered or anticipated.

 This presence I feel arises as different sensations, sometimes as as a shimmering vibration, or light, sometimes a subtle throbbing between the brows, a opening in the throat or a deep, a soft cloud in which I completely fold myself  into, as I did as a child.   Often it accompanies overwhelming love, or knowing that everything will turn out fine, or I am inspired by a profound knowing that arises in a  flash, quite out of no-where and no thing. 

Just acknowledging and honoring this shakti mother  codfies my mind, dissolves emotion and transforms willfulness .  I always feel changed by her darshan.   In a moment she can substitute  conflict, passion, or selfish desire in my nature, for  calm, harmonious balance and widen my perception.  Always.  She is like my central being ness.  

 My awareness of  Shakti does not conform to satisfy any intellectual reasoning or ethical will, but rather She is like  a spontaneous out-flowing from the heights of an illumined will and knowledge.   I am of Her.  She makes it possible for me to mix joy and suffering and take on my life as a spiritual practice.  She helps me accept all that i encounter as an important part of sadhana.  She has helped me embrace the bad with the good and kept me from being overcome by the difficulties and challenges.  I appreciated that each situation increased my experience and my realization.   She invites me to grow wiser as I grow old.

    • madan malhotra
    • April 3rd, 2012

    could you tell some more of your experiences with shakti, how it started, who has been your master, etc and how close are you to realisation.

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