Heading the guidance of the inner Guru

Over the years my most transformational guidance has come in the simplest of words, experienced in a moment,  heard in the ethers of my consciousness.    ‘Be Simple,’   ‘Beauty,’  ‘Be Kindness,’ dropped like seeds on fertile soil.  Taking root they bloomed within my mind and psyche and eventually become absorbed within my understanding and transformed my personality and nature.

In Kriya Yoga,  we learn to meditate deeply and regularly on such abstract qualities.  We understand that the mind becomes that on which it meditates and ruminates.  Through regular meditation and contemplation on these qualities they become defined, taught and tangibly demonstrated in our life; while, at the same time incorrect thoughts and actions are being admonished.  This all encompassing training arises through a principle of nature, which is always there internally to correct and set us aright.

Seeking a natural order in life, these simple qualities formed the prime ideals in my own order theory.   They have been unifying and have helped me hold onto inner harmony in the face of life’s challenges.    In addition they have provided me with the scale on which to test my attainment and resolve.  A rightly fashioned life of simplicity, beauty and kindness is not an accident.     It takes awareness and effort but is due to the grace and mercy of the Lord.   It requires highly creative energy to continually remake one self.

I recall that I was bewildered with   “Be simple.”     What was required of me?    Don’t complicate matters?    Be straightforward and honest?  I tried not to be too mysterious or complicated.   I thought I was a “what you see is what you get” kind of woman.    I was strong, honest and frank, almost to a fault with perhaps too passionate a nature.  Was I being simple?

“Be simple,” was a quiet but persistent suggestion.     Do not concern yourself with how others see or regard you.  Was that my nature?  The messages I received actually grew me simpler.  I become aware of agendas, judgment, pettiness and self-righteousness—all those times when I was not being simple.

“Being simple” supported  deep, clear, silent meditations.   I developed confidence in this inner Silence, which began to permeate daily activities.   Just maintaining a semblance of being simple, quieted and dissolved my passionate nature and personality.  In the absence of excitement, dispassion offered me the clarity to see the beauty in all that  happens and without a need to change anything.  And when change was required,  it happened simply and with kindness.    A simple nature does not want to make mountains out of molehills, nor does it get itself entangled or embroiled in bias, argument or contradictions of the ego.

When we continuously self-seek and regularly touch the self,   we find we hold fast to simplicity, beauty and kindness in our thoughts and actions.     Forearmed with these we are neither anxious to please or displease anyone and find we are just, compassionate and appreciate the fact that others are playing a role in our life.

Normally we choose our thoughts unconsciously, yet it is those thoughts that shape our actions and circumstances.    Disease and health are rooted in our thought.  It is our mysterious, complex personalities which invites judgment, doubt, skepticism, cynicism, fear and pessimism that sinks the body in suffering and disease.    Simple, compassionate, non-judgmental thoughts can clothe the body and mind in equanimity and beauty.

Simplicity, beauty, kindness are powerful, creative and compassionate qualities that help us to become better human beings.   At the end of each day, we can look back and appreciate the beauty it contained.   The beauty I describe is like the flower that gives its fragrance whether it is carefully touched and passionately enjoyed or trampled under your feet?     Beautiful moments radiate from all about us even in the worst of challenges and sadness.    Beauty arises in simplest movements and moments of kindness where there is no personal gain or loss.     Simplicity, beauty and kindness burst forth from the strange dawn of a new-consciousness and is expressed through our life and ideal.    Beauty connects our self with the rhythm of the pure Supreme Source.

We are told that what is manifested in our body and mind results from what we have in our spiritual consciousness.   If we yearn for purification and perfection, we must establish “spiritual ideals” in our mind and heart.    Unless these ideals establish a firm ground the senses, thoughts, desires, aversions in our lower levels of consciousness will continue to influence, manipulate and affect us.  “Thoughts crystallize into habit and solidify into circumstances. Good thoughts bear good fruits and bad thoughts bad fruits.” (The Voice  of  Babaji)

Beauty is everywhere, just perhaps determined differently by philosophers, writers, musicians, artists, architects, scientist, mathematicians, or lovers.  But regardless of which perfect form or harmony is found in the universe whether seen through the eye or felt as inspiration, aspiration or bliss; it is a penultimate state of beauty.  John Keats knew it in the 1800’s, writing in his Ode to a Grecian Urn, Beauty is truth, truth is beauty, that is all ye know on earth and all ye need to know.”  Samadhi is the ultimate state of Beauty.  It is the potential Beauty latent in the Universe.

Perhaps the greatest beauty in all the universe abides in the simple, all-encompassing word of the Guru, AUM.

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