Moonlight energy

It is very difficult to use the internet here. Even when a hotel offers service the servers are normally down or unavailable.  I am finding communication to be very difficult.  Perhaps that is part of the pilgrimage.   Perhaps I should just be keeping my thoughts to myself.

Arriving in New Delhi, amidst preparations for the 60th Republic Day celebrations, which included major security anti terror arrangements.  Ground to air security was being put  in place, snipers along the route, anti-sabotage check points, elaborate air defense deployment of helicopters to patrol the skies.  Delhi  turned into a fortress tonight and we hoped to be able to get out early in the morning along the few open routes and avoid all the festivities and fireworks. 

We had to take taxis the next morning to the bus which could not get near the hotel. The bus was stationed 10 kilometers outside.  All went smoothy.

At the same time, Jupiter was entering Aquarius, we were  arriving in Haridwar on one of the auspicious days of the Kumbhamela when an order of Himlayan sadhus and ascetics began a procession for the snan, to take a rejuvenating dip in the Holy Ganges.   Normally on these special days the Babas are given privileged exclusive access to the Ganges.  The number of pilgrims will swell to millions.  Presently only the   Nagababas and ascetics of the Juna, Dasnamai,  Narajana orders have arrive.

We were met today at our tent by five Nagababas of the Juna akhada (order).  Dattreya is their deity and Jnana or Wisdom is their goal. We were very fortunate that one of the younger babas is very attracted to Mahavtar Babaji and has been seeking him and his darshan since he was a young boy.  He tells us that he has read the book by Marshall Govindan and wants initiation into Kriya Yoga.  His English is very good.   He tells me that he never received instruction in English, but learnt it in his dreaming state when he was quite young.  He is most definite about this and seems to want me to understand that this is so.  I smile at him and say that he has an amazing grasp of English.  We were introduced to his Gurudeva and his Gnyana Guru and two other gurubais. He said in introduction, ‘this is my family.’  They were dressed in orange, oche and browns, they wear their hair long, wrapped on top of their heads. There is nothing particularly fierce of frightening about these five Babas seated before us, for although they have intense eyes, their demeanor appears open and even a bit curious.  They ask uus what we are looking for, and why we had come to the Kumbhamela. He says the difference between him and us, is that he knows what he is seeking and willing to do what it takes to find it.  We are invited to come to their monastery tonight at 5pm for darshan with the whole order.  I think to myself that probably means they pass around the ganga.  They tell us we are welcome to travel with them to the Himalayas, if we are willing to accept a traditional guru- disciple relationship. Social dharma is what they speak about for the most part. They are anti-Hindu and anti religion, even though their ashram or monastery has a large Temple to the Goddess in all her forms. Even Chinnamasta is there, Mother at her fiercest.

There is a sadhu here who carries his arm above his head and has done so for the past 24 years. His fingernails have not been cut or broken off during all those years so they curl rather disgustingly around his hand.  I wonder how long they are if you stretch them out? And I have an immediate urge to clip them.  I see him move his arm only about 6inches toward and away from the top of his head. He never drops his arm. It seems particularly significant since I have a frozen shoulder and can’ lift my arm as high as he has been holding it for the past 24 years.  Perhaps it is frozen in this position.

I am leading asana in the morning and have found that during the class I am able to lift my arm much higher than I can any other time of the day.  The first time it happened it felt like a miracle.  During meditation at the ashram were Lahiri Mahasaya used to meditate in Haridwar, I asked that the pilgrims in our group could begin to see high beings, even if I did not see them.  As we were walking from the ashram temple, a sadhu with a large trident and glowing with shakti was ringing a bell.  Apparently everyone in our party, some 36 people saw him, all except me.  Govindan was very pleased to see this high being and came over to me, and said well are you now satisfied that we  now have seen such a rishi?  I was speaking with a woman named Maya from Switzerland and turned to Govindan to ask, “what rishi?, ringing what bell.?  Maya answered, “you saw him, he walked in front of us.”  I had not seen him or heard his bell.

The Nagababas have surprisingly invited Govindan and myself to accompany them, the order of Juna akhada on the 12 kilometer procession to the ghat for their first of auspicious baths in the Ganges.  I wonder if the normally naked babas will remove their clothes for the event.  Govindan will most likely participate, however I will probably decline their unusual and most generous of inclusions.  No one knows the route of the procession in advance.  We are told that last year that some bad things occurred, although they would not elaborate. Perhaps there was fighting amongst the various orders for position or what happened may have been external.  He said that his Guru will protect us all.   The army will only announce the route to the various orders in the early hours of the morning.

The weather is already beginning to warm. The nights and early morning hours are still cold, but by mid morning with the rise of the sun, the temperatures reach the 70s and very pleasant.  The crowds are starting to arrive at the train and bus stations.  There are oche robes, matted hair, ashen chest covered with ropes of rudraksha beads.  The people are very friendly, especially the women, who often want to chat with me, and it appears the motor vehicles in the town are being limited so both noise and air pollution is much less.  The procession began very late in the morning and still no sign of the sadhus yet, although many have been awaiting their passing for two hours or more. We hear that they are about 4 kilometers from where we have stationed ourselves. We have a rooftop position and will be able to see every single sadhu on parade.  We come and go from the roof, looking for the splash of orange on the horizon, so far nothing.   A few of the women yoginis from Spain are unhappy that they were not allowed to march along with the Nagababas today. I say that there are no women in the akhadas (sects) present today and wonder why it matters to them so much that they are not part of the parade. These are very sincere yoginis and holy women. I suggest that we Kriya Yogis aren’t interested in finding others appearing holy, but are maintaining internal vision to uncover that most holy part of ourselves.  Perhaps the message is just that…continue to maintain that internal vision even in the midst of this largest and longest running of spiritual displays, the Kumbhamela. 

Tonight the moon is at its largest and brightest. Last night it was full, but tonight there is a special alignment. It certainly has been a good day for meditation and introspection.  It seems everyone has taken a bath in the Ganges today and everyone seems very expectant.  Govindan is walking the 12 kilometers with the sadhus. He is dressed in a white dhoti and white long sleeve t-shirt and flipflops.  I  hope his knee holds out and the sun is not too strong. I have found an Ayurvedic doctor close to the hotel and just in case have purchased some special balm for his knee. So far no naked babas.

Waiting all day for the procession, but it did not disappoint.  It was night before the procession reached us.  The moon was out shining so brightly that we could see the the somewhere around  30,000 Juna akhadas walking among bands and horse driven chariots and elephants who carry those Sadhus and Gurus with the highest status.  There were about 100 naked Nagas and a few of the martia arts were being demonstrated, a kind of stick fighting.  The ascetic who carries his hand above his head so effortlessly was among the first in the parade.   The most unusual  event of the evening was the baba who displayed his strength by wrapping his penis around a long baton and shifting it behind him under his buttocks.  His disciples would then stand on the stick.  I was too far from him to really see what was going on. Govindan was walking in the procession and saw it first hand.  There was only one woman saint, that I could see riding in a float.  We plan to go see her at her camp in the next days. She speaks English and is very open.  The energy is building and I am sure there will be much more to blog about in the days to come.  It is a shame that internet access if so difficult as is uploading photos.    The sounds from outside the internet shop are increasing and one can feel a certain excitement or anticipation in the air. I do not know if it is coming from outside or from within myself.  It is surprising as I have been rather blase over the past few days.  

I was not able to sleep last night, the moon was so full. I sat up and did mantras and meditated and tried to sleep some.   I am not tired today.  The energy in India is different.  One does not require so much sleep.  At that is  required is to drop all expectation and judgment and just go with the flow.

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