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I am back in Florida.   Govindan went back to the Quebec ashram to give an Initiation.   I will go there this week for a few days and then we both return to Florida for a month.    I am working on a new book called, “Balance and Harmony Guaranteed!”  It is a book of 14 different Yoga sessions for health and happiness.

I was a bit jet lagged after two months in India, but waking at 3 am or 4 am has been nice.    I have gotten so much work done in those extra early morning hours.

At various times while at the Kumbhamela many of us had an experience or felt a reassuring hand and had mental images of Mahavatar Babaji.  As I think back on the last two months, it is those moments I most recall.

I received an email today from a man in his forties who, quite out of the blue has had experiences with Babaji and Higher Consciousness.  He was not a yogi, in fact never practiced Yoga and didn’t know who Mahavatar Babaji was until he discovered his name and photo on the Internet.

He writes “…there was a shift in my consciousness and a meeting and receiving what i can only call Divine help. I cannot explain with words the intensity and profoundness of my experience… all I can say, has anyone ever come to you because they met or saw Babaji before? I searched all over the internet to find something, or someone that could tell me who this man is, his name initially. And in my search, I came to find that he taught Kriya Yoga (and other things I am sure).    I cannot forget my experience or Babaji and as far as I am concern there are no religions, only consciousness and humanity…”

His words, and these kinds of experiences are so sweet to me.

A few blogs ago, a woman wrote wanting to know more about Babaji.    So I will share a bit,  for  all Seekers and Finders.

Kriya Babaji is a great yoga master who lived in Tibet and the Indian Himalayas in relative obscurity from the outer world. With the publication of Autobiography of a Yogi in 1946, Paramahansa Yogananda brought Babaji’s existence to the attention of a wide audience. In fact, Yogananda cites Babaji as the master who, in 1861, initiated Lahiri Mahasaya into the kriya yoga techniques that brought him to Self-realization. Lahiri in turn initiated Sri Yukteswar, who subsequently revealed the techniques to Paramahansa Yogananda, who then brought this knowledge to the West. Paramahansa explained that Babaji has lived for a very long time — many centuries — and that he has exercised, mostly anonymously, an enormous uplifting influence upon mankind by guiding many spiritual teachers, often at a distance, without their knowledge.

In 1952 and 1953, Babaji personally dictated three books to V.T. Neelakantan, a well known Indian journalist.    These three books, after a long period of being out-of-print, were reprinted in 2003 by Babaji’s Kriya Yoga Order of Acharyas as a single volume entitled The Voice of Babaji: A Trilogy on Kriya Yoga.   The following passages are taken  directly  from the “The Voice of Babaji.”

Babaji’s State of Being, Satchitananda

I Am Existence-Knowledge-Bliss Absolute. I am That by very nature. I cannot be anything else but That, as I am That alone without a beginning and an end. It is My real innate nature. I am the Absolute and Supreme Self, both within and without the finitude. I am Truth, eternal and everlasting…..I am the changeless One in the midst of all changes. I am the Formless in all forms. Change is linked up with form and form is labeled with change. But I am beyond the two. I am not susceptible to all the ills of the flesh that exist crawling under the feet of form and change. I am the monistic unity, here, there and everywhere and at all times — nay for all times. Where is happiness, except in perfect realization of the One without a second? …. I seat Myself in the very heart of delusion undeluded. I am ever steady and steadfast in all its tumblings and stumblings. I am always firm in all its fleetings. I am the One eternal Truth, in all falsehood. I am pure Bliss of Perfect Freedom. I am the simple life of Eternity. I am the one Light of everlasting Truth. I am the virgin love of Immortality. I am the essence of all-pervading Infinity. I am the sole breath of all Nature. I am Truth, Freedom, Life, Light and Love. I am Eternity, Immortality and Infinity…..I am beyond concentration, meditation, Yoga and all other practices, I am indivisible and of the nature of self resplendent consciousness…. What can make me afraid? I care not for the nature’s laws. Death is a joke to me and I am the death of death. I am the Infinite, the Eternal and the Immortal Self. (pages 233-234)

Some of the most memorable passages on Spiritual Wisdom from the Voice of Babaji.

The most consummately beautiful thing in the universe is the rightly fashioned life of a good person. That kind of life is not an accident….It is a highly creative work of art. A person’s life must first and foremost be a beautiful creation. Life’s greatest achievement is the continual re-making of one’s self, so that at last one may know how to live everlasting life. When we encounter this rare individual, we cannot help noticing his moral beauty. It is an exceptional and striking phenomenon, one never forgets it. This form of beauty is far more impressive than the beauty of nature. It gives to those who possess its divine gifts a strange, inexplicable and incomprehensible power. It increases the strength of the intellect much more than science, art and religious rites. Moral beauty is the basis of civilization. (page 32)

Intuition and instinct have more to do with the shaping of character and behavior than intelligence or imitation, or impulse. Let the heart, the Inner Man in the heart, guide you, rather than emotion and intellect. Try to get nearer and abide by the “I” in the “I” at home, in the tram, in the bus, alone, in company, by the seashore or near a flower or a plant, abide by and in the “I.” Build up your individuality slowly and surely. Self-dependence is needed. Independence will not do. Freedom alone is not enough. (page 27)

Never again get into the snare of the cycle of births and deaths. Always keep close to the “I” that is nearest to the heart and never slacken the vigil over the straying of your mind. Day after day, night after night and hour by hour try to bring out, make it a point to irradiate the Inner  “I,” which alone gives you a personality and a meaning to that personality. (page 26)

Make a note of this. Wisdom shines from the temple of the pure heart. Wisdom is the crown for the structure of life. Hence my child, you must express in redoubtable  terms the Infinite Light of Divine Wisdom in all your writings, your books and more particularly in your daily round of life. (page 33)

By practice, you may develop your thought power to be active and responsive at the same time, daily and systematically. Thoughts are effusive. They are elusive. They must be made captive and held fugitive. Be calm and collected, focus your mind to one point and…wait. Thoughts of the light of satchidananda (truth-consciousness-bliss) will then steam out and flow from the source, the fountainhead of all thought. (page 32)

Be always in your own company and enjoy it. There is no society, club, institution, association, general body or governing body to go and join, that guides and rules. You rule in and out, absolutely. You and yourself alone are the general body. The “I” in “I” in you is the governing body, governing director and directing governor. Silence and meditation (mounam and mananam) are the twin aids to peace, power and prosperity.  (page 31)

The physical discomforts or the unkind treatment of others should not ruffle the serenity of your mind. Let there exist no trace of melancholy in your presence. The ups and downs in life are the order of nature. They chasten your character and smooth its angularities, leading it ultimately to perfection. Have a heart of crystal sincerity.   (page 39)

Listen carefully. You must be all attention. I want you to grow up as an integrated, calm, steady, stable individual. Give your self to the “inner man,” then you can meet the challenge of any man, anywhere and everywhere. Don’t go in to ruminate, but get in and dominate. Will you?  (page 32)

The Underlying Oneness of Religions

The spirit of religion is one, though its expressions vary. Those who do not know, quarrel with and hate one another in the name of religion. But those who know, honor all religions while following that form of faith which suits them best. (page 34)

There is no set form for worship. Whatever form one’s devotion takes, it will culminate in the realization of God, provided, there is sincerity and faith; for all paths lead to Me.  (page 34)

Remember that true religion does not divide but unites; does not injure but heals; does not kill but saves. It is your privileged lot….to ceaselessly endeavor to broadcast (at any opportunity) the true principles of divine living, which alone can save man from destruction. (page 33)

Different religions are but different forces in the economy of God. They are necessary to maintain the equilibrium of the world and enhance the richness of creation. They are not antagonistic, but complementary. Like the different photographs of a building taken from different angles, different religions also give us the picture of one truth from different standpoints. Various religions are but flowers of different colors, which we should tie with the chord of love into a beautiful bouquet and offer at the altar of truth. (page 63)

    • Canta
    • March 16th, 2010


    I had met you and Govindam during my second level of initiation in Lonavla (close to the city of Bombay), India. How are you both? I have often thought of Sri Govindam and yourself. Are there no more initiation programmes of Babaji held in Bombay?

    How is Neelakantha? Sorry for asking you so many questions, but this morning I played the casette in which Govindam addresses everyone and I just wanted to establish contact.

    Many regards

    • Antonio Diniz
    • March 17th, 2010

    Hi Durga,

    Please, I have a question about books: do you have plans to edit in the future the classical work of T. R. Thulasiram Arut Perum Jyothi and Deathless Body in two large volumes? These books are out-of-print and they are very important to the siddhas study, especially Ramalinga Swami. Thanks.


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