Questions and comments on Babaji

Question: What do you recommend to hear and connect with Babaji?

What we all reach for on this path is to open a channel for the ready flow of Insight, Intuition and Inspiration.

What is required for that is a mind that is progressing towards purity and increasing its capacity for stillness and freedom from absorption in its own limited actions.

What we really attain is awareness and an ability to reflect or enter into the conscious presence of the Self.

It is all about becoming aware of one’s beingness, which has immense power.  This power is called prana shakti.   This is the shakti evident naturally in every moment.   It is felt spontaneously as Active Presence.       It exists even on the lower levels of existence as mental and vital and material cosmic energy from which all our mental, emotional and physical activities operate.       Active Presence can be a felt as Babaji  or  experienced as a sudden strong will,  or aspiration, increased dynamism, delight, attraction to know Him, adoration, or desire to be one with Him.

The mind can become conscious of a presence high above the mind and a pouring of something of Itself into us.   The mind can become aware of an intuitive light permeating all that we are, think, will and do,  feel and experience, or become conscious of Him all around us.   Our personality may widen, as a wave of His ocean of spirit, or we may become aware of His presence in us and His actions there.   We can feel Babaji influence  on our own present form of natural existence.    This is the influence of Insight, Intuition, Inspiration originating from above the mind,  raises us towards a higher spiritual status.

With the intensity of one’s  Yoga practices it is possible to touch infinity and the shakti can for some time raise the being to a higher spiritual plane.    At this time  one might feel quite close to Babaji.    However,  one can just as quickly  reach a plateau and the closeness can wain.   This is a natural progression towards transformation from the normal to the spiritual.      A complete link with  Babaji can only be made if one consistently applies higher knowledge and mental and spiritual action to all activities of existence.

Only when  we lose our individuality in Him (when the center of action  no longer arises  from our individualized ego sense ) do we become “universalized” and experience  our mind, body and life as part of something much larger than ourself.   Only then can one see that the universe is working itself out through our life and passing through without leaving any real impression on us.   This is the ultimate goal of this Yoga, not only  to realize the highest spiritual power and become one with universal action, but to realize and possess the fullness of this shakti (Babaji) in our individual being and nature.

The Divine Shakti (Babaji) can become so completely aligned that Divine Intelligent Will, formulates itself and  Its’ light and power will shape all thoughts, will, feelings, and actions without any reaction from  individual movements.

Can you become aware of Babaji as Divine Shakti?   Will you call this  shakti to you to fill your whole system to take charge of all our activities.

Can you relinquish the ego idea, the ego as the doer?    Can you imagine being able to relinquish the idea of your separate will or individual energy conducting your own actions or even initiating actions or having any control over the result of actions?

Can you merge the sense of action with the Universal Shakti originating and shaping the actions of yourself and others, for its own purpose through you and all the people and forces in the world?

Babaji can manifest in us and relate various spiritual experiences of which the mind is capable.    He can pull down the Highest Light of Consciousness and transform all the lower energies.    However, one must work to reduce the influence of the ego in order to see one’s actions, as not one’s own, but as those of the divine Shakti (Babaji) working in a lower form and on even inferior levels of one’s being.     One must indeed see oneself as a part of a universal power working through one’s own individual mind, life and physical existence.

The ego in us can make a claim on the Divine (Babaji).    Such is an egoistic claim and intrinsically contains elements of reactions and falseness.    The ego sense is always an intrusive element, a filer of ignorance, distorting or contaminating the potentially pure shakti and its higher actions and spiritual workings.     We must be ever vigilant and content in our attempt to become only a more perfected vehicle of Nature.     If the influence of the ego is not reduced it can pervert the flow of true  inspiration.    When we first become aware of a new channel of inspiration, the impulse of the egoistic mind is to take it and use it for egoistic purposes.    The ego takes delight in a great sense of power and strength and will not await the purification process, but will use it for its own unpurified and selfish, arrogant actions.    This undoubtedly leads to spiritual decline and lost of true insight and intuition.  And considering oneself as a spiritual instrument is no remedy for ego, for a strong ego will continue to meddle in the matter and continue to  make one feel “special and important.”    The only remedy is to understand that the grace of Higher Inspiration can only be maintained,  if one lessens personal effort and individual ambition.

Once you have established a relationship with Babaji you will begin to have experiences of Him in your dreams, meditations and even along your life’s path.   At the Kumbhamela,  Govindan on the last day prayed to have an eye to eye meeting with Babaji before he left.  As he walked alone back to the hotel through a deserted forest path, with this thought in his heart, he was passed by a beautiful sadhu whom he had not seen before.  Their eyes locked for nearly a minute and again several time more as he walked ahead.  Govindan was filled with love and bliss and although the man did not look at all like Babaji, Govindan felt that itwas an answer to his prayer.  

I too had an experience that I attribute to a gift from Babaji.  I had been sick in bed for days and  decided to take a walk to try to shake it.  Within minutes, I had been brushed by a man on a motorcycle, annoyed by the shrill blare of horns , assaulted by the smells of rancid oil and spices, disgusted by the sight of a dog eating his vomit just feet away from a tea and chapati walla.  I turned onto a main street and my sense of tiredness and  irritation grew with the growing  flow of people, motorbikes and rikshaws moving toward me, against me, on the dirty  busy street.   I had had enough!  Mid-step, I spun around and began to walk back toward the hotel and back to my bed.   Within moments, I heard a strong voice from behind me, “Try to have a nice day!”    No one in India says,  “have a nice day.”   I took a couple of steps and then stopped full, and  turned around.   There, still at least 15 feet behind me walked a very tall Indian sadhu.   He smiled at me and said, “Have a nice day!”  I pranamed and said, Oh Babaji!  and thanked him.  (of course, all babas are  called Babaji in India, but my heart smiled as I said it.)  I was immediately filled with peace and joy, all my irritation left me and I felt well.   I continued back to the hotel.  Govindan was there and said that I looked like I was feeling better.  I said, funny enough, I am!

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