Living in a state of grace, a work in progress

Last week I had a Kriya Yoga Satsang dream.   Whenever they occur, I get busy.   I don’t recall the details of the dream, but remember that I had it now that I have scheduled a  seminar for May.   A first level,  Babaji’s Kriya Yoga Initiation in Orlando  May 21-23.

It seems that every May, I have a push for vigorous movement.   A sense of energy accompanies a systematic calendar of things to do – a “honey dew” list of projects,  practical and ambitious priorities that must be acted on and settled during May.

I wonder why May is my richest month of heart-filled movement and growth, both external and internal.   It has been this way for me for as long as I can remember.   The month of May is a perfect moment of balance of tranquility, energy and aesthetic beauty.

Everything seems to me to be Divinely Inspired.

April is the month, to which I always look most forward.   It is a satisfying time of creative self expression.  I can experience the free flow of shakti and new ideas.   With the additional hours of sunlight, and the bursting of colorful blossoms and fragrances (even if they also bring on sneezing and watery eyes), I experience more lightness, energy, and am drawn out and into activity.  I experience a sense of renewal and rebirth.   I  feel younger, healthier and more receptive to life.   (April is difficult for  me when in Quebec, as it normally is just so much like March).

Although, no surprise to anyone, nothing affects my personality or physical body more than the changing seasons.  In the fall, I feel absolutely exhilarated and blissful, freed of any complication.   I absolutely refuse to work.   (It is very nice when the grace of your life situation allows for this, and I am forever grateful).   I choose only to commune with Nature and practice joyful living.  It is a perfect time to travel to the Himalayas.

I enjoy working during the winter months.  During the months of November through March, I feel introspective, reclusive and contemplative—but they are productive months.   Come April, I am ready to meet the world again and enjoy all it has to offer.  I plant in my garden and surround myself with flowers.   I want to meet people and come together to work toward a common goal.   The height of idealism rises within me during April and May.  It seems everyone seems to cope better with the inevitable complexities that arise during these months of freedom and spiritual renewal.

Summer is extroverted, busy and normally exhausting.

There is  perfect Intelligence in the working of the seasons.  They are surely a reflection of the grace of the Divine.    If one can live fully attuned to them while attending to the necessities of life, perhaps one’s life is directed through that grace.  My objective in life is just that, to live in a state of grace.  It is a work in progress.

    • Ashok Chintamani
    • April 25th, 2010

    Dear Madam,

    your blogs are beautiful and very deeply inspiring.

    I am from India. Amidst the confusion that I felt due to a very deep urge within myself to embark upon treading the spiritual path and advice from friends / acquaintances who laid claim to progress in meditation, I had found your edited work on Kriya Babaji and the short & lucid treatise on the Sidhas by your husband deeply inspiring. These works answer a lot of queries of novices such as myself and have been of great assistance in finding answers to identify the paths required to be followed to make progress that one deeply desires to progressively achieve, within diverse limitations that one is confronted with in one’s daily life.

    I look forward to purchasing your latest work on Kriya Yoga and also in spending meaningful time in reading your blogs that come straight from the heart.

    May the Grace of Babaji be always bestowed upon you and Acharya Marshall to guide humanity on the path of true spirituality.

    with deep regards

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