Becoming conscious of Babaji

It was during the time I worked with Tom and Linda that I attributed a name to the protective hand  in my life.   I had been carrying around the Autobiography of a Yogi since my teen years; the Bhagavad Gita was my bible.   I felt I was being directed by my karma.  Still,  I missed the faith in God and prayer that I had as a child.

Tom had been a child mystic.  Raised as a Christian, he knew he was a bit different and kept it to himself.  He could see the light and colors around plants and animals and know the thoughts of others.  It seemed at times that he was able to manipulate the thoughts of total strangers through telepathic suggestion.    I once witnessed him successfully ‘suggest’ to a group of rowdy teenagers, who promptly turned off their boom box and walked away from a lovely spot in the park, we wanted to occupy.

Considering his unique background,  Tom came to Yoga relatively late in life.   His desire was to be a musician, but was feigning satisfaction at being a popular radio disk jockey, until he had an experience that changed his direction in life.  Apparently he had a vision, if not a physical visitation by Maha Avatar Babaji, while staying  in the house of a friend in Upstate New York.  Tom didn’t know who Babaji was at the time.   He never shared with me what Babaji told him, only that the experience had changed his life.  He lived in Albuquerque and had turned to Yogi Bhajan for help in interpreting the experience.

Tom shared with me this personal experience in a private interview. I had carried my Autobiography of a Yogi around with me from place to place since High School, so of course I was touched and moved.  Tom, then told me that it was through that connection that he was working with me.  He said, “it is all probability that my Guru has always been yours.”  I told him that I had felt a stronger connection to Sri Yukteswar.   He said, “Linda feels a stronger connection to Mataji, so what!

Mahavatar Babaji was known to me only as the unearthly, Supreme Satguru of Sri Yukteswar, Sri Lahiri Mahasaya and Paramahansa Yogananda.  He is,  as if woven from a divine body of light (divya deha).  I had read in Tibetan Buddhist literature of other such great yogic beings in the 19th and 20th centuries and also of the sainted Indian yogi, Ramalinga Swamigal.  These advanced souls were able to reabsorb their physical bodies into light at the time of their earthly passing.  At will, they dissolve their physical body into a rainbow of light, so that all that remains within a few days is nails and hair. The light from the body can be seen by others as it permeates the space around the body for a certain amount of time.  Perhaps also, particles of light can be transformed back into matter.

I did think that  Tom was in my life due to some kind of grace.   I walked away from his classes on many occasions with the thought that whether I liked it or not, I would work with him and there was a sense of urgency.  Anything and everything seemed possible.

There were many times when Tom, Linda and I were together we would feel a great presence. I did not know what it was, though sometimes I felt hand on my shoulders.  So did Linda.  It seemed too that our sadhana together was loosening whatever chains of karma there was between us.  We learned a lot.  Linda learned that she could lead.   I learned that I could not be led.  And Tom learned not to use his powers for manipulation.

Everything we did during those years created an immediate effect and offered another opportunity of testing, learning and growth.  I was learning much about myself but remained unsteady as I seemed always in the midst of change.  I was on an emotional rollercoaster at times, but was developing the detachment and discrimination to take it in stride.  At times I had so much excess energy that I had to work out or run twice a day.  Mikael was catching on that something was going on with me and he didn’t like it.  He was disturbed by my Yoga and that the boys were practicing Wado Kai Karate  and did  some Yoga with me.  I was full of hope that I was right where I was supposed to be.   I knew why I was where I was, but had no idea where I was going.  That really didn’t matter.  I was  feeling the hand of Babaji.

    • Gayatri
    • October 21st, 2009

    Hi, Ma Durga!

    Om Kriya Babaji Nama Aum

    You have been so blessed in your life in so many ways of being prepared to be where you are and wherever you are going to be, having read the transition of people who taught you and you interacted with over the years.

    Paragraph 7 – I very much resonate with you on this (no wonder I like you a lot!) – it’s not easy to lead me being one of the most stubborn persons I know in this life. And yet there’s a knowing inside my heart and mind since I was a child, being very close to Jesus, that I could be the perfect disciple to the perfect Master. Hopefully, the stubborness would go away through intense sadhana. 🙂

    Thanks again for sharing!

    Om Shanti Aum


    • Jaime
    • October 31st, 2009

    Babaji came to me many years ago in a dream. It was unmistakenly Babaji. At the time I was only following Jesus Christ, however fell at the feet of the master at the sheer recognition of his greatness. I was thinking to myself that this was a meeting I had waited most of my life for. The Master reflected the dual-condition of fatherly compassion and wisdom. After giving me some personal advice, the Great One left me with these words, “All things happen by Me.” Babaji is wholly identified with God and can thus make such a statement. He is by far the greatest living master I’ve met. While true saints like Anandamayi Ma and the holy men and women of India abide in varying states of samadhi, Babaji himself remains in a spiritual state that is beyond human comprehension.

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