Turning things around through ritual interiorization

If your life and personality doesn’t seem to be working well for you – Today can be the day you turn things around.

Is there is some determining factor, some primal energy that chooses to deliver us to our fate?    Is there anything we can do to have this same Factor, propel us into our destiny?

Restlessness and inertia are sure signs that something in our life is not working well.    Restless, anxious thoughts are reflected in restless, dispersed prana (vital energy (winds) flowing through our subtle body).   Feeling depressed, stagnant, lazy or bored is reflected in sluggish prana.    Faulty thinking causes prana to flow in interrupted patterns, choking off energy within the network of the subtle channels.       Discontent, suffering or anger in the mind will block pranic flows and create imbalances in the subtle pranic pathways, which  weaken the physical body.     Over-stimulation of mind and senses and consistent multi-tasking make thoughts burst out in various directions, interrupting one’s ability to focus and depletes prana and weaken the body.    The depletion of prana causes  aging, disease and disaffection.    Blockages  in the subtle channels result in tightening or choking around physical and subtle points (joints in the physical and chakras in the subtle).    The physical body goes out of balance, there is disharmony in the mind and things get shaped in one’s external life.    All of  life gets out of shape!

Whenever anything in your body, mind or life is not going well, try practicing your Yoga as a system of ritual interiorization.

Ritual interiorization means using Yoga practices to seek and serve one’s inner being, the  Soul.

A regular, daily Hatha Yoga practice will address restless and sluggish prana by freeing it up at the joints in the body.    However, if one does postures as a ritual of worship, the asana will also coordinate and harmonize the  energy.    A regular, daily pranayama practice will bring calmness and clarity to the mind.     But, if one practices pranayama as a devotional practice, it will fuel the inner fires and stimulate greater force.     A regular, daily meditation practice will bring a concentrated consciousness.  But, if concentration is consistently on one’s highest Self, it will install peace in the mind and heart.

A devotional attitude and spirit of sacrifice feeds an inner fire, which gradually creates change in the physical and subtle bodies.  Conscious movement of the breath is directly connected to the circulation of life energy, the prana, in the subtle channels.    The body and mind meets deep within the subtle channels, where thoughts ride like a horseman on the inner winds (vayus) of prana.    Thoughts and prana cannot be separated.  And it is prana flowing through the subtle channels that effectively creates our life.

These subtle energy channels can be purified and harmonized through asana, mudras, bandhas and mental concentration.    Hatha Yoga conditions and coordinates body and mind.    Subtle, powerful vital forces can be stimulated and distributed in pranayama practice, which increases physical vitality and creative energy.   Devotional visualization and meditation nourishes this energy transforming it into light and clarity.   The heat and light of this concentrated consciousness becomes electric.     Personal dynamism and magnetism increases.

The siddhas tell us that we can make changes in our external life that can propel us into our destiny.  It requires the  will-power to overcome self-indulgence and self-centeredness.    The biggest mistake we make is to think that our own happiness is something quite separate, from the happiness of others.    The proper use of will requires a spirit of sacrifice and a vow to overcome all selfishness and falseness.   Regular self-examination is demanded, along with the courage to give up the self-ness that causes us to see ourselves as totally separate from others.   This mistaken identification is what makes us suffer our fate.

Surely there is a great power at work in the Universe that has a direct affect on the lives of each and every one of us.     We learn to fear life, as we fear death because we realize that there is something at work; something beyond what we can fathom, drawing us daily towards fortune and misfortune.    Is it something personal or impersonal that determines the outcome of every action, even those that seem quite neutral?

The Siddhas would tell us that the cause of all karma is Ignorance.     This Ignorance arrives with our birth.    Birth is division, the infinite multiplicity of the One Eternal Existence.   Division causes the individual mind to be limited by its identification with the body, ego and the fluctuations arising within consciousness.  Without the knowledge of one’s true existence, life is afflicted by uncertainty.

Perhaps it is the Force of Unity Itself that places us under so much pressure in order that we might finally reunite spiritually with all beings.

To climb out of our fated lives, our individual will, must uncover and eliminate the imperfections that allow us to be selfish and self-serving.     Sage Patanjali says we must be resolved to give up all our mistakes and rid ourselves of all words and behaviors that hurt or harm another in anyway; give up all thoughts of revenge and forgive even those who try to harm us.    Only by wanting all persons happiness can our habitual tendencies and karmas be slowly eliminated.

Once this is accomplished, the way into our destiny is by adopting the qualities and attitudes that serve the Self in others: selflessness, contentment, truthfulness, generosity, compassion and kindness.  And then,  our life choices become simple.    We  plant the good seeds and at the right time, they ripen before our eyes.

Life  turns around when for one who has adopted the self control and the disciplines of Yoga, the ten yamas and niyamas:     Never harm anyone, always be kind;      never lie, always be completely honest;      never to take anything that does not belong to you;  be  always generous, never grasping or greedy;    give up all craving, all lust;     develop detachment for purity of the mind;    be joyful and commit yourself to be content;   dedicate yourself to your Yogic practices;     study your own mind and behaviors, ever correcting mistakes;    be open wide to accept the grace of the Lord.

The path to happiness  is laid before us.      The Siddhas have shown us the way.      It has always been a matter of choice.

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